押印という行為に込められる持ち主の意思の純度や強さは、印影を通してでしか可視化されません。OW: (オウ)は、その印影をブレなく明瞭にうつし出せることが、この道具として一番大事な役割だと考えたことから生まれました。



A seal that produces a clear impression.

The purity and strength of the owner's intention in the act of affixing a seal can only be visualized through the impression of the seal, and OW: was born from the belief that the most important role of this tool is to be able to produce a clear, unaffected impression of the seal.

The narrow shape of the urushi lacquer coating attracts the fingertips to the hollows, and the indentation allows for a clear impression without any blurring. The circumference of the seal is constricted to protect the engraving even if it rolls, and to prevent the paper from being stained by red ink.

By considering the identity of the owner of the seal as the center of this tool, the universal form of the seal as a tool emerged clearly. This was not a new discovery, but simply the realization of the identity of the tool itself, which had always resided in the seal itself.